Staking ROI calculator

Note: The assumptions used in this calculator are based on data analysis from established DPoS networks, however, they are still just assumptions and real results may vary due to the difference in votes, votes distribution, number of delegates etc.

  1. There is 25% of the current circulating supply used to vote across all candidates, and as such, 630,126,001.30 IOTX is used in voting.
  2. Calculations are on a ‘worst case in which iotxplorer still receives block rewards’ basis.
  3. The top delegate has 2% of total votes.
  4. The 36th delegate (iotxplorer, for the purposes of these calculations) has 1.2% of total votes.
  5. iotxplorer redistributes 87% of the entire epoch bonus, keeping 13% as a ‘service fee’ to cover operating costs and fund IoTeX development projects and developer bounties.

Set the amount of IOTX you will stake

Set the amount of IOTX that you want to use for voting/staking. The more you stake, the greater your returns will be.

Set your stake duration

Enter your stake duration. This time period commits you to locking up your coins for the time specified. Longer stake periods get more bonus votes which results in greater returns.

Enter the price of 1 IOTX

Enter the price of 1 IOTX in USD. You can vary this number to estimate what your USD returns might look like depending on the price.
Total IOTX returned (yearly)
Profit per year (USD)
Profit per year (IOTX)
63344.1 IOTX

That's 4.53x better than EOS, 2.69x better than Tezos and 5.70x better than Cardano staking returns on average.