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Add value to the IoTeX network whilst adding to your wallet. Stake with iotxplorer.

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Why iotxplorer?



Vote on using Metamask or directly from your desktop. Your IOTX is sent to a secure smart contract on the ethereum blockchain and is sent back to you when you want it to be - you are in control.



Every epoch, we’ll receive rewards based on our delegate rank. We give you 87% of our rewards for ranking in the top 100, and we’ll take the consensus rewards to cover operating costs associated with the hardware and dApp development.



The voting process is completely transparent – you’ll always know our ranking and reward structure. We’ll even go a step further and provide insightful reports tailored to you, which break down your rewards after each cycle.

Our mission


How it works

delegates program

The governance design of the IoTeX network encodes the rules and processes that define how the network will reach consensus, incentivize network participation, and evolve sustainably over time. In this blog post we provide an overview of the IoTeX Delegates Program, focusing on application, voting and election guidelines.

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IoTeX Delegates Program — Introduction Video

The IoTeX Delegates Program defines the rules and processes that allow IoTeX to maintain consensus and evolve sustainably over time. IoTeX is a digital democracy, where token holders elect Delegates to produce new blocks on behalf of the entire network. In this video, we provide an overview of the staking, voting, ranking, and rewarding process of the IoTeX Delegates Program.

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